Wool Donegal Fisherman Sweater & Watch Cap Project


Please note: This is a pre-order item scheduled for delivery Sept/October 2017. All sales are final. Sweaters are purchased with a deposit & balance setup, Hats are purchased outright. Scroll down for terms and pricing. Orders close Thurs 6/22.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom (England)

This is a truly remarkable opportunity! Working with a small family-run knitter in England, we've created an absolutely stunning hand-knit Fisherman sweater in a range of six intricate pure wool Donegal-flecked yarns. Our customers always request heavyweight sweaters and uncommon fabrications. We've managed to merge both of those desires.. and to deliver it at an absolutely unbeatable price! We have enough stock in each color to produce approximately 24 sweaters. 

The base design features a comfortable and stretchy hand-knit body with a machine-reinforced collar. You can opt for either a traditional rolled crewneck or a light standing funnel neck. The garment is made with raglan sleeves and it will mold to fit your body, so the sizing is easy. The knit is relatively open, so it's a surprisingly breathable sweater. Worn on its own, it's keeps you warm on a moderately cold or breezy day. Layered under a coat, it's incredibly warm and insulating. And the quality of both the wool and the workmanship will ensure that this garment serves you well year after year. It's heirloom quality. 

We have six brilliant colors of Donegal Wool available. A unisex Watch Cap is also available to purchase in all colors. You can buy it alone or as part of a specially priced bundle with the sweater. If you order the bundle, we will make both the sweater and the hat in the same color, but you can also specify a different color for the hat in the comments box at checkout. 

British Wool is a natural, renewable, and bio-degradable fiber. Its sourced from over 60 different breeds of sheep and its renowned for its exceptional warmth, resilience, and strength. 

Place your order by Thursday June 22nd, and we'll put your order into work! Delivery is estimated in Sept to Oct 2017 and we'll collect balances. Pricing works as follows: 

Fisherman Sweater: $110 deposit and $115 balance ($225 total)

Watch Cap: $55 purchase (no balance is collected)

Fisherman Sweater & Watch Cap: $125 deposit and $130 balance ($255 total, save $20)

Please note that all items are made to order and all sales are final

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Care and Washing

Caring for this sweater is simple. Use a large protective mesh washing bag and place the sweater inside without too much folding. Wash the sweater on cold with a soap appropriate for wool (like Woolite). The less soap, the better. Use a gentle cycle and low speed spinning. Remove the damp sweater and spread it out on the top of a drying rack, supporting the body and letting the sleeves hang off. That's about it! Never put it into a dryer, and never spin it on high speeds, and the Fisherman Sweater will serve you faithfully through many a washing. 


Fit & Measurements 

This shape fits consistent with our other Epaulet designs. We recommend that you order our typical chest or Epaulet shirt size. The handknit wool easily stretches and molds to your body. The raglan side seams roll over your shoulders and fit correctly on a range of physiques. If you're in between sizes, we'd recommend going up to the next one, as the overall style looks better if it's a touch less fitted. 

All measurements are shown in inches. Chest is measured laid flat from one armpit seam to the other. Shoulder is measured from one shoulder seam to the other. As this design has a raglan sleeve, we provided a sleeve inseam length rather than separate shoulder and sleeve lengths. Length is measured from the rear seam under the collar to the bottom of the hem. 

FISHERMAN  34/XS 36/S 38/M 40/L 42/XL 44/XXL 46/XXXL
CHEST  17.5" 18.5" 19.5" 20.5" 21.5" 22.5" 23.5"
SLEEVE INSEAM 19 19.5" 20" 20.5" 21" 21.5" 22"
LENGTH 25" 25.5" 26" 26.5" 27" 27.5" 27.5"


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