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OVERCUT : Heirloom Handknit Sweater Cinnamon

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This sweater was a factory overcut from a pre-order. It is in perfect condition, never worn/tried on!

The Heirloom Cardigan has been one of our most popular pieces for four years running. For this coming season, we've developed two new shapes: the Heirloom Hoodie and the Heirloom Crewneck. And in order to offer the widest possible range of product, we're offering this exclusive one-week preorder opportunity. 

Crafted out of hefty 2-ply virgin British lambswool and tailored in slim silhouette, these classic heavy-knit sweaters will add warmth and sophistication to any outfit. Each piece is knit lovingly by hand by one of two people from a small, seven-person workshop on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Each Epaulet and Northern Watters Knitwear sweater comes with a care tag that’s been hand-signed by the knitter of the garment (either Joan Marie Harris or Linda Gallant). As Northern Watters Knitwear says, that signature stands as a guarantee the sweater has been crafted with care by one of the world's best knitters. If taken care of properly, this sweater will last a lifetime.  It includes a lifetime warranty for any needed repairs.

Note: All measurements are shown in inches. "Chest" is measured from one armpit seam to the other. "Sleeve" is measured from the collar to the cuff (it's very long because of the raglan shoulder design). Length is measured from the base of the rear collar to the bottom of the garment.

Measuring thick knits like this is a little difficult. And both the sleeve and body length can be stretched out up to an inch or so if you require it. Overall, the piece fits very true to size - and the fit is consistent with our shirts. 

+ Measurements


X-SMALL/34 17" 27.5" 24.5"
SMALL/36 18" 28" 25"
MEDIUM/38 19" 28.5" 25.5"
LARGE/40 20" 29" 26"
XLARGE/42 21" 29.5" 26.5"
XXLARGE/44 22" 30" 27"
SIZE 46 23" 30.5" 27.5"
SIZE 48 24" 31" 28"


Each cardigan is made on an antique Swiss knitting loom. These looms have two beds of needles that face each other, each containing one hundred latch-hooking needles. To make a stitch, the loom operator passes a carriage (the piece through which the yarn is thread) between these two needle beds, and the latch hooks raise and lower, pulling and yarn upwards and downwards.

As she makes the stitch, the knitter simultaneously directs them, forming the pattern; thus the knitter makes the pattern entirely by hand every time without the aid of mechanical guides. She constructs eight fully formed panels in this manner, all raglans with the exception of the pockets. The panels are then laid on a steam table, and the steam "sets" or pre-shrinks the yarn. Then the panels are measured for size.

Next, a second craftsman assembles these panels together, like she would eight large puzzle pieces. For this task, she uses a second piece of antique equipment, this time of Italian origin, called an “Exacta.” She links the panels together with the aid of the Exacta’s one hundred and eighty points, making one stitch per point, and doing so with the same yarn with which knitter knit the panels. This way, no cutting and, with the exception of buttons and labels, no sewing ever occurs anywhere on the sweater.

After the panels have been linked, the shoulder and body ribs are reinforced with a sturdy zigzag stitch, to ensure their integrity, and the finisher darns the remaining ends of wool into the seams and sews the labels and buttons on by hand. Lastly, the sweater undergoes a final quality control check performed by the president of the company, wherein every seam is scrutinized.

Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. If washed in hot water, the sweater will felt and shrink; if hung up when wet, it will stretch. The Northern Watters Knitwear Guarantee: Northern Watters Knitwear offers a maintenance program, whereby if your sweater ever pills, or if you get a pull in it, the company will fix it free of charge, for life.