Mocha Stingray Sport Trainer : Size 12


*This pair was an extra received from the factory. They are brand new and have not been tried on.

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Wear these for a day and you'll understand. Stingray went from being a staple of Samurai armor to the last word in Art Deco opulence. Known in 1930s France as "Shagreen", its organically pebbled texture is a thrill to touch as well as a natural defense against wear. Its granular skin is covered in calcium beads as a defense against predators. But despite this hard surface, the underlying hide is as soft and supple as calfskin - making it an extremely comfortable leather for footwear. Like the dynamic patina of a great museum calf, stingray's texture has an innate variability, its pebbles growing in size toward the "eye" — a remnant of the dorsal fin.

Twenty-five times more durable than cowhide leather, stingray is distinguished from its exotic brethren as a non-endangered species, as it is fished for food in southeast Asia. The most distinguishing feature is the white "eye" — each stingray only has one, and no two are exactly alike. The eye is featured on the trainers and the compact wallet.

Order the Sport Trainer + Compact Wallet/Key Fob pack and save 10% off the total price. 



SPORT TRAINER - This our modern day re-interpretation of the athletic shoes issued to the West German army in the 1970s. We've retained the clean lines, slim shape, and minimal design of the original - but we've upgraded all of the materials to offer a truly high-end product. The sport trainer runs true to size. The Black Sport Trainer is finished with black calfskin and black suede accents, and the Mocha Sport Trainer is finished with mocha suede accents. Both are fully leather lined and incredibly comfortable.