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Italian Gloves Black Peccary

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Epaulet gloves are a paragon of traditional glove making. Constructing fine leather gloves by hand is a detailed and complicated process. The only way to manufacture gloves in this manner is to have a high degree of innate skill, supplemented by years of training. The resultant hand-covering is unlike anything else: they are perfectly flexible, as comfortable as a second skin, and uniquely tolerant of movement.

Epaulet gloves are cut, tanned, stretched, sewn, ironed and finished entirely by hand in Italy. We're confident that these will be the finest (or among the finest) gloves that you have ever owned. Trust us - they feel just as good as they look. 
Peccary is widely considered to be the finest glove-making material in the world. The leather comes from a South American wild boar and is renowned for its uniquely supple qualities as well as unmatched durability. Peccary leather has a beautiful pronounced grain and follicle stipulation that adds to its handsome appearance. This black model is lined with luxurious purple cashmere. 


Epaulet gloves are available in three different sizes. They generally correspond to the width of your hands around the knuckles (see image below). To find your numerical size, wrap a measuring tape around the red line of your dominant hand. 

This is not an exact science, so please feel free to contact us for additional guidance. You'll want a slightly snug but still comfortable fit upon the first try-on. You can expect that the gloves will break in and mold to your hand with wear.

Most customers can also use the Small-Medium-Large sizing to choose their glove fit. Epaulet gloves will be significantly more fitted than a casual or outdoors glove, but the sizing generally works the same. If you typically wear a medium in gloves, then it will most likely be your size in these.