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Epaulet by Luigi Bianchi Mantova
Double Breasted Peak Lapel Steel Blue Overcoat

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We're thrilled to present a new addition to our line-up of high-end tailored clothing with our exclusive collaboration with Luigi Bianchi Mantova. May we present their peak-lapel, double-breasted overcoat. It's a very traditional piece that's made in a decidedly non-traditional fabric. Meticulously tailored in Italy, this rakish piece is absolutely perfect in its shape and silhouette. It has inset flap hip and ticket pockets, a beautifully finished 3/8 lined body, a single-vented rear, and genuine mother of pearl buttons. 

Now lets talk about the fabric. Hailing from the esteemed Lanificio Colombo of Italy, this heavyweight wool blend is from their "Thermo"line  Crafted with an extremely tight weave, it offers significant wind-resistance and thermal heat retention without sacrificing breathability. It has a soft hand and an excellent drape that nearly rivals the feeling of cashmere. The exact mix is 70% virgin wool, 25% silk, 4% Angora, and 1% nylon. The weave is chunky and thick - giving off a ruggedly handsome two-tone tweed effect. The steel blue color is extremely versatile - and can easily tie to grey, navy, and tan jackets and trousers. It looks great with a pair of jeans too! 

The fit on this piece is razor sharp. After measuring the jacket fully and testing it out an a range of customers, we find that it runs approximately one full size small. As such, we've adjusted the Euro to US sizing to reflect that. A size EU48 would typically equal a US38. But in this case, we advise you to buy an EU50. This will give you a great slim fitting on the jacket, while still allowing for a light sweater or sportcoat to be layered underneath. The jacket can be slightly altered via the rear seam allowance, and the cuffs can be easily brought up (as much as needed) or let out (about 1" more maximum). 

About Luigi Bianchi Mantova 

Luigi Bianchi Mantova has been setting the standard for Italian tailoring for four generations. Each jacket is manufactured in Mantova, Italy, where Luigi Bianchi opened his first shop in 1911. Every piece is exquisitely manufactured from top-shelf fabrics in timeless shapes, with a flawless fabrication honed by over a hundred years of practice. Luigi Bianchi Mantova's soft-shouldered jackets are effortless to wear and feel like a second skin -- and they're built to last. Your Epaulet x Luigi Bianchi Mantova is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

Measurements & Sizing

Note: All measurements are shown in inches. "Chest" is measured from one armpit seam to the other. "Sleeves" is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. "Shoulder" is measured from one shoulder seam to the other. "Length" is measured from the base of the rear collar to the bottom of the garment.

+ Measurements

36/48 18.5" 17.25" 24.25" 28.5" SMALL
20.5" 18" 25.5" 35.5" MEDIUM
40/52 21.5" 18.5" 26" 36" LARGE
42/54 22.5" 19" 26.5" 36.5" XLARGE
4/5xx4 22.5" 18.75" 25.5" 29.5" XXLARGE