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Alden for Epaulet
Tanker Boot Navy Chromexcel

Sorry, this product is no longer available

Upper: Navy Blue Chromexcel Leather
Outsole: Rubber/leather combination "Commando" sole with storm welt
Last: Trubalance last

The upper is done in Horween's navy blue chromexcel leather, an eye-catching color in a waxy, tough finish that will age beautifully and last for years, while a low-profile Commando sole lends a heavy dose of attitude and durability. The split toe detail is done in complementary tan thread and hand stitched for a distinctive ripple effect.


The TruBalance last runs approximately one half size big. Order one-half size smaller than your typical dress shoe size (e.g. order a 9.5D if you typically wear a 10D).

About Alden

The Alden Shoe Company was founded in 1884 by Charles H. Alden in Middleborough, Massachusetts, and it remains in that same town to this day. Since its inception, the Alden Shoe Company has designed and manufactured classic gentleman's footwear that represents America's tradition of custom shoe-making at its finest. They have the well-earned reputation of being the best shoe manufacturer in the United States and one of the top shoemakers in the world.

In a consumer world that too often prizes promotion over product, you might think genuine craftsmanship and honest value have been lost forever. Alden stands as adamant proof of the contrary. We are honored to continue our partnership with these paragons of American manufacturing.


Alden shoes are Goodyear welted and handmade by union craftsmen. When you've worn out the sole, which will take a very long time, you can return them to Alden for a complete resoling and refurbishing. With proper care, by a competent cobbler or the factory itself, your Aldens will last you well over a decade.


Our apologies, we cannot ship Alden shoes outside the United States and Canada.