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Saffiano Leather Preorder Project November 2016


Please note: This is a pre-order project with a future delivery date. The payment amount is a deposit. Please read through all of the text below for pricing and terms before placing your order. Pre-orders are open until Monday 5/2.

We're thrilled to introduce this exclusive pre-order opportunity. We're offering your choose of three bags, three colors of genuine Italian Saffiano calfskin, and two colors of metal hardware. Spec out your perfect bag, place your deposit, and receive it within a few months. Each piece is meticulously crafted in Portugal. Outside of its good looks, Saffiano leather offers water, stain, and scratch resistance - and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Scroll down to read all about the shapes and this remarkable leather. Be sure to watch the videos too! 

Pre-orders are open until Tuesday 5/3. We can make approximately 12-16 bags per color, depending on the mix of styles that are ordered. If a leather color does not appear in the dropdown then it is sold out for this run. 

Our Saffiano leather beings its journey as full-grain calfskin at a tannery in Northern Italy. The leather is laid out and hot-pressed with a metal dye to yield the signature cross-hatch pattern. From there, a multi-layer and permanent hard wax coating is applied on top. 

The resulting leather is remarkable. Given the quality of the original skin, it's soft, pliable, and light. Its textured finish and wax coating give it remarkable water, stain, and scratch resistance. Water simply beads up and rolls off the surface. Dirt and other unpleasantness wipes off with a moist cloth. And the cross-hatch structure masks any small surface scratches from normal use. 

And let's talk about the weight. For its excellent tensile strength and resilience, our Saffiano leather is exceptionally lightweight. Many cowhide or bridle leather bags are seriously heavy before anything is placed inside of them. Which makes them kind of miserable to use. Our Saffiano bags are light and easy to carry without compromising their durability.

The Weekender Bag measures 24" long by 14" high x 10" wide. It has two top carry handles and a detachable leather shoulder strap. It's a great size for a 2-3 day getaway. The interior is lined with cotton/poly twill fabric and has two internal zip pockets. The sides have a snap closure to make the bag a bit shorter when it's filled. You can un-snap them to have full top access when loading the bag. Metal feet on the bottom allow the bag to stand on its own when set down. 

The Gym Bag measures 18" long by 13" high x 10" wide. It has two top carry handles, but does not include a shoulder strap. The zippers open all the way to the base of the bag, allowing you to easily pack bulky items inside. The interior is lined with cotton/poly twill fabric and has one internal zip pocket. It's great for a 1-2 day trip or for carrying around your daily necessities. And it would certainly be the most stylish gym bag that the world has ever seen. Metal feet on the bottom allow the bag to stand on its own when set down.

The Suit Valet measures 40" by 21.5" when fully unfolded. It accommodates three suits and only requires a single fold, thereby minimizing wrinkles when you unpack. The interior has three solid brass convertible hangers which can be taken out of the bag and used in a closet. The bag itself has a heavy duty hanger so that it can be suspended. The interior is lined with cotton/poly twill fabric. If you travel with suits and sportcoats, this is a brilliant way to both protect your garments in style. 


1) Your preorder is held with a $200 non-refundable deposit.
2) Preorders will be accepted until midnight EST Tues 5/3 or when all units are claimed for a given color, whichever occurs first. Size and style changes can be made before Tues 5/3, but not afterwards. 
3) Delivery is scheduled to Epaulet within 8 to 16 weeks of the order closing date.
4) Once the sweaters are received, you will be notified via email and the balance may be paid online. Final payment must be received within 30 days of notification, or your deposit will be forfeit and the sweaters will be put up for general sale.
5) Shipping to US addresses is included in the price. For International customers, we request that you choose "Store Pickup" as your shipping option (resulting in no shipping fee charged now).
6) We reserve the right to limit or refuse any order
8) All preorder sales are final. When the bags are delivered, we regretfully cannot accept any returns or exchanges on these purchases.