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Epaulet by Southwick
Made To Order Sportcoats & Suits Four Season Wool Hopsack


Welcome to our made-to-order sportcoat and suiting program! Working with our signature slim athletic fit, you can choose from an array of details to fully customize your suit or sportcoat. Each piece is made by the esteemed Southwick Clothes of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Every man needs a navy suit or blazer in his wardrobe, and this is the quintessential one. The fabric, a gorgeous Italian wool with a subtle hopsack weave, is soft, breathable, textured and long wearing. It's airy in warm weather and easy to layer in the cold. It packs well, travels brilliantly and matches nearly everything. If you're looking for the perfect first suit or sport coat, this is it;  if you own a few, and none of them are navy hopsack, this is what you're missing. Navy Hopsack is is a staple you'll never regret having in your closet.

Your custom suit is sized according to our standard Epaulet x Southwick sportcoat and Epaulet Walt Trouser. If you own either of these pieces already, you can order the sizes that you typically wear. If you own other Epaulet items (Rivet Chinos, Doyle jackets, etc), we'd be happy to help you nail down your suiting sizes. And if you're new to Epaulet altogether, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. We're very experienced with fitting customers remotely. 

Working with our designs, you'll be able to customize your suit as such: 

Sportcoat Style: Single Breasted Natural Shoulder, Single Breasted Soft Unconstructed shoulder, or Double Breasted Natural Shoulder. Single Breasted coats can be made in 2-button or 3-roll-2 configurations, and with either double or single vents.

Body Length & Sleeve Length: Order our standard, or vary it by 1 or 2 inches.

Pockets: Welt or open patch breast pockets. Inset with flap, open patch, or open patch with flap hip pockets.

Lining: Choose a liner and specify full or partial lining. Partial liners will be 3/8 on constructed jackets, and sleeves/shoulders on unconstructed (a.k.a. "Butterfly" liner)


Buttons: Choose from a lineup of horn resin buttons, metal buttons, or genuine mother-of-pearl buttons.

Trouser: Specify your inseam. Choose between belt loops, side tabs, or suspender buttons at the waist. 

+ Order Terms

1. All sales are final. Each piece is cut to order.
2. Delivery is scheduled approximately 4-6 weeks from order placement. 
3. Domestic orders will be shipped directly to you from the factory. International orders will be sent from Epaulet.
4. Fabric availability can change on a daily basis. After you place your order, we'll immediately submit it with Southwick. If the fabric is unavailable, you will be notified and refunded within 2 working days. 

Each piece is crafted to the meticulous standards of our Southwick for Michael Kuhle collection. The jackets are half-canvassed and fully manufactured from start to finish in the United States. 

Note: All measurements are shown in inches. "Chest" is measured from one armpit seam to the other. "Sleeve" is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. "Shoulder" is measured from one shoulder seam to the other. "Length" is measured from the base of the rear collar to the bottom of the garment.

Sizing on the Caine and Weller Sportcoats are true to size and generally consistent with our in-house Epaulet shirts. The size chart below illustrates how they match up. This is an approximation, as tailored clothing can't be cut identically to shirting. Generally, most customers who wear an Epaulet medium will get a solid fit in a 38 jacket. However, if your Epaulet shirt fits you very slim, or you have broad shoulders for your build, then we recommend ordering the next size up. The fit in the shoulders is crucial - the chest and body can easily be taken in if need be.

Please note that each jacket has approximately 1 inch of seam allowance in the sleeves that can be let out, and 1 inch of seam allowance in the chest and body. Many customers find Epaulet by Southwick jackets to have a great fit "off the rack." However, it's common for a proper sportcoat to require a little bit of tailoring to fit exactly right. This is a solid item and you'll find that quality tailoring is worth the investment.

+ Measurements

34 17.5" 16" 25" 29.25" XSMALL
36 18.5" 16.5" 25" 29.5" SMALL
19.5" 17" 25.5" 29.75" MEDIUM
40 20.5" 17.5" 26" 30" LARGE
42 21.5" 18" 26" 30.25" XLARGE
44 22.5" 18.5" 26.5" 30.5" XXLARGE