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BALANCE PAYMENT : Exclusive MA-1 Horsehide Jacket Preorder


Please note: this is a balance owed for customers who have already placed an order for this jacket. This is not a new pre-order item.

We're thrilled to have received your MTO MA-1 horsehide jacket!  Once we receive your balance payment, we'll get your amazing jacket shipped out!

We've already taken your $400 deposit order, the remaining $800  can be paid through this item.

Please note, if you are an International customer to add on your shipping fee if you did not pay with the deposit.

Over the past six months, we have endeavored to develop the finest leather MA-1 jacket that the world has ever known. Handmade in Greece by the esteemed Thedi Leathers Co., this MA-1 is crafted in the most supple mid-weight horsehide imaginable. It's a truly magnificent investment piece. Due to to the cost and complexity of this item, we're offering it as a preorder to (1) deliver it at a very competitive price and (2) offer a wide range of color & size choices. 

Order Terms

1. Your preorder is held with a $400 deposit. This is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another customer. You may change size, color, and details before the 5/18 deadline, but you can not cancel once an order is placed and a production slot is claimed. 
2. The full price of the jacket is $1200. An $800 deposit will be collected upon delivery.
3. Delivery is scheduled between September and October of 2015. Please note that Thedi Leathers is a small manufacturer buying leather from a small tannery in Italy. This delivery window may be subject to unforseen delays. As such, our hard deadline for these jackets to be received is 11/30/15. If the jackets are not delivered by that point, then any customers wishing to cancel their preorder may do so.
4. Once the jackets are delivered, you will be notified by email. Final payment must be received within 30 days of notification, or your deposit will be forfeited and the jacket will be put up for general sale
5. Individual batches of horsehide can vary in tone. It may make up slightly darker or lighter than the example pic. This is out of our control.  

The MA-1 Shape

The MA-1 flight jacket was first developed in the mid-1950s as the cutting edge field-performance-wear for the new jet age. At the time of this innovation, nylon replaced leather as the main flight jacket material to better suit the mobility needs of high-flying jet pilots. 

The Epaulet x Thedi horsehide MA-1 aims to bridge the gap between the modern MA-1 and the classic, pre-jet-era, pilot-wear. Needless to say, we've also taken inspiration from the punks and mods of the 1970s who so lovingly appropriated the MA-1 as part of their distinctive style. In both scenarios, for function and fashion, the MA-1 has always maintained a powerful reputation for its sturdy construction and heavy insulation.

Front Quarter Horsehide

The leather is genuine Front Quarter Horsehide from Italy. It is vegetable-tanned, stained, and glazed over the period of several months. The result is a remarkably soft skin with an incredible hand and a strong degree of water resistance. We've ordered this skin in a middle weight - making it more comfortable and slimmer fitting than the typical horsehide piece. Although all horsehide comes with grain marks and small scratches, we were very impressed with how uniform this leather is - which is a testament to both the excellent tannage and the sharp eye of Thedi's master cutter.  

* Be sure to take careful note of the back of this jacket. It is one solid, beautiful, un-paneled piece of horsehide. This is extremely rare and a sign of truly remarkable leather construction*


  • Lightweight wool interlining for added warmth and insulation (true-to-tradition, pre-pollster MA-1 liner)
  • Thedi Leathers’ signature interior trigger pocket
  • Genuine Universal® zipper hardware, including a heavyweight front zip, side-arm pen pocket and interior pocket zipper
  • Metal underarm grommets
  • Heavy-duty, age-resistant cotton/acyclic collar and cuffs
  • Two sturdy reverse snap pockets

About Thedi Leathers

Since 1979, Thedi Leathers has been producing some of the finest leather jackets in the world. Operating out of a workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece - a small and skilled team of craftspeople meticulously cut and assemble every jacket by hand. Their products are sold throughout the world to the most discerning of leather outerwear enthusiasts.

Measurements & Sizing

The fit qualities of the MA-1 shape make this an ideal item for pre-order. The blouson shape and ribbed sleeves accommodate a range of physiques and sleeve lengths. In general, we recommend ordering your typical Epaulet chest size. If you are an odd size, we believe either bookending size (one up or one down) will fit you well. For example, we have seen the sample size (40) fit a range of customers spanning size 39 to 41.

For odd size folks: go up one size if you want to layer a thick sweater, down one size if you prefer a closer fit.

If you are over six feet tall, or typically order a long in sport coats, we recommend considering adding an extra inch to the length and the sleeve. Add 2" if you take an XLong. 

For those who take Regular or Short jackets, we recommend the regular body length. It's a cropped style already. For the sleeve, remove an inch if you take a Short jacket. We do not recommend removing more than one inch from the sleeve. As it ends in a knit cuff, it's not really a problem if it's a little long. It will still sit in the proper spot on your wrist. 

If you own Epaulet New York shirting, then the sizing approximately works as such: XSmall = 34, Small = 36, Medium = 38, Large = 40, XLarge = 42, XXL = 44

If you own a Thedi Leathers jacket, then the sizing approximately works as such: Small = 34, Medium = 36, Large = 38, XLarge = 40, XXL = 42, XXXL = 44

All measurements are shown in inches. "Chest" is measured from one armpit seam to the other. "Sleeves" is measured from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff. "Shoulder" is measured from one shoulder seam to the other. "Length" is measured from the base of the rear collar to the bottom of the garment.

+ Measurements

34 19.5" 17.25" 25.5" 24"
36 21" 17.75" 26" 24"
38 22.5" 18.25" 26.5" 25"


18.75" 27" 25"


19.25" 27.5" 26"


19.75" 28" 26"