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Alden for Epaulet Brixton Boot Color 8 with Light Sole

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Alden for Epaulet "Brixton Boot"
Upper - Color #8 Shell Cordovan from Chicago's Horween Tannery
Outsole - Double leather dress sole
Last - Classic American "Barrie" Last

Our Alden for Epaulet "Brixton Boot" is that perfectly versatile dress boot that we've wanted for years. It has 9 round metal eyelets, intricate wingtip broguing, and flat waxed laces. With its substantial last and traditionally rounded toe, these shoes are excellent as dress or casual pieces. They look stunning with a suit or dress trousers, and seriously proper with denim and chinos. The sturdy Double Leather sole is thick and substantial, and includes Alden's signature steel shank and natural cork filling for comfort & stability. 

This special edition Brixton Boot is done in absolutely gorgeous Color #8 Shell Cordovan from Chicago's Horween Tannery. This beautiful burgundy tone is a deep brown with a pronounced reddish cast. With wear, it will yield an unbelievable patina. Stock is very limited, so don't miss your chance to grab these classic boots!

Brixton is a district in South London that's well known for its vibrant Afro-Caribbean community and multi-ethnic flavor. A center for Jamaican reggae and ska music, you could often find Brixton's dancehalls packed with well dressed Mods and Rudeboys of all colors. Never ones to accept anything second rate, we think that these beautifully constructed wingtips would fit their mohair suits and sta-prest trousers to a tee. 

The "Barrie" last runs approximately one-half size big. Order one half size smaller than your typical dress shoe size (e.g. order a 9.5D if you typically wear a 10D). 

Our apologies, we cannot ship Alden shoes to addresses outside of the United States and Canada. 

Shell Cordovan is a rare and wonderful leather. It comes from the skin of a horse's rump, and is vegetable-tanned for no less than six months. The result is an exceptionally non-porous leather with a lustrous finish, unbelievable suppleness, and serious durability. It readily conforms to your foot, only needs the occasional polishing, and is naturally water-resistant.As you wear Shell Cordovan over the course of several years, it develops rich patina and unique character. Genuine shell is expensive, but consider it a good investment. With the proper care, you'll get many years of wear out of it. 

Alden shoes are Goodyear welted and handmade by union craftsmen. As such, they can be easily resoled and recrafted by the factory. When you've worn out the sole (which will take a LONG time), you can return them back to Alden for resoling and complete refurbishing of the upper. The cost is approximately $125. With this excellent program, you can easily get many years of regular wear out of Alden's quality shoes. Which is important - as you'll surely grow very attached to them. 

The Alden Shoe Company was founded in 1884 by Charles H. Alden in Middleborough, Massachusetts - and it remains in that same town to this very day. Since its inception, the Alden Shoe Company has designed and manufactured classic gentlemen's footwear that represents America's tradition of old-school, custom shoemaking at its finest. They have the well-earned reputation of being the best shoe manufacturer in the United States, and one of the top shoemakers in the world. 

Given a modern world that too often prizes the promotion rather than the product, you might well imagine these old-fashioned talents for craft and honest value to be irretrievably lost. Alden's footwear stands as clear, adamant proof to the contrary. Each of their classically designed shoes are handworked from the finest leathers, represent a century-old tradition of craftsmanship, and reflect in a quiet, sure way the solid values and timeless style of the man who wears them. Epaulet is honored to be one of their official dealers.