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Opened in May 2008, Epaulet is a Men's and Women's clothing boutique and clothing brand in Brooklyn, New York. We carry clothing, footwear, accessories, and gifts. Adele Berne and Michael Kuhle are its co-owners.

It's a bit difficult to summarize everything that we do in a few sentences. So instead, please indulge us with five characteristics that define our business. 

Epaulet In-house collection
About 70% of the merchandise that we carry is under our own exclusive in-house brands. Our production is strictly done in North America and Europe. We design the pieces, personally oversee their manufacturing, and sell them directly to our customers. Our focus is to deliver classic American style (with a heavy touch of British influence), razor-sharp tailoring, consistent sizing, unique fabrics, and phenomenal quality at a fair price. 

Special Edition and Collaborative Products
Many of the other pieces that we offer are also exclusive to Epaulet. We regularly partner with other brands who inspire us, and work together with them to create special edition items in limited runs. From totally original designs to ever-so-slight detail tweaks, we aim to combine our brand style with our partner's product to create a piece that's original and exciting. 

Value and Knowledge
Take warning – if you give us the opportunity, we will absolutely talk your ear off about the merchandise that we sell. Everything that we offer has been meticulously investigated and edited. We know how the size relates to other pieces that we sell. We know where it was made. We know what the fabric feels like. How to care for it. How the wingtips fit versus the boots. How the trousers are going to drape. Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp, and who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong. You get the idea. Just ask us!

To that end, we're very attentive to pricing and value. Some things are inexpensive and some things are quite expensive. But you can rest assured that nothing is overpriced. The item's value has to justify the price that we charge or it doesn't make it into our shop. 

Made in the United States
Keeping American artisanal production alive is a major priority for us. Not everything that we carry is made in the United States, but we search out and offer domestically made products wherever possible. Our in-house shirting, neckwear, trousers, sport coats, and dresses are all made in the US.

Conscious Products 
Ethical and sustainable production is another important goal for us. Like domestic manufacturing, we aim to support these brands wherever possible. Above all, we only work with designers, distributors, and companies that treat their employees and partners with respect and dignity. In these days of mega-retail and lowest-cost production, we feel that it's crucial to support independent firms and fair labor practices.