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Made To Order Trousers Fall 2016 Fall 2016 Wool Flannel, Tweed, and Cavalry Twill


We're thrilled to present our Made To Order trouser program! Epaulet trousers are meticulously crafted in the United States and designed with our signature in-house fits. They're the backbone of our collection and many of our customers consider them the best trousers that they have ever worn. With this MTO program, we can now offer a vastly expanded range of fabrics and a great selection of customization options. Your Epaulet trousers will be made to your preferred specifications.

We have a stunning range of wools this season. The classic flannels come in every staple color and a pair of bold pop options as well The Abraham Moon tweeds come in two patterns, donegal & herringbone, in either the steadfast gray or mocha. Cavalry Twills are as tough as the rough riders of their namesake. And a selection of subtle plaids and checks rounds everything out. Click through the swatch images to learn all about them and check out the video to see a full HD presentation of each cloth. 

View Wool Flannel Collection in Hi-Res

View Tweed Collection in Hi-Res

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Available Options for MTO: 

Fit: Choose from Walt, Rudy, Taylor Gable, or Driggs. Descriptions of each fit and measurements are below

Size: Choose your waist size from 28 to 42 inches

Inseam: Our standard 38" unfinished inseam, or a plain hem at your specified inseam length

Fly: Our standard zip fly or a hand sewn button fly

Top Closure: Choose from Extended Tab, Pointed Extended Tab with Button, No Extension, or No Extension Button-Thru

Waist Details: Our standard belt loops, adjustable side-tabs, or suspender buttons (no belt loops or side tabs)

Coin Pocket: Choose from no coin pocket, a hidden coin pocket, or a button-thru hidden coin pocket

Special Order Terms
1. Epaulet Made to Order Trousers are made via special order and all sales are final.

2. Delivery typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks, largely dependent upon the workload at our factory.

About Our Fits
The "Walt" is a slim trouser with a lot of consideration given to the fit. It has a plain front with no pleats and is front-lined to the knee. The legs are slim but not too tight.

The "Rudy" is a slightly fuller-fit variant of our Walt trouser - designed for men who need more room in the seat and thighs, but still want a tailored and tapered fit. Epaulet co-owner Michael Kuhle originally designed it for himself, as he couldn't find anything that fit!

The "Driggs" is a variation on our classic "Walt" trouser. The fit is similar in the upper block to the "Walt" trouser, but features a slightly lower rise and a trimmer leg.

The "Taylor" and the "Gable" are our signature tapered single-pleat trousers. The pleats are shallow and the leg tapers strongly to the ankle. The high rise puts the waistband at your navel. Given the pleats, this fit typically works in the thigh for both Walt and Rudy customers. The Taylor can be done with any waistband design, while the Gable comes with a special extended waistband and a long closure. The Gable cannot be made with belt loops or side-tabs, and you'll most likely need to tailor the waist for a perfect fit. There is a $15 upcharge for these models to cover the additional manufacturing costs. 

 All Epaulet trousers are beautifully constructed with an inner waist curtain, taped & finished seams, and a split back waistband. These pants are meant to be worn for years, and the split waistband allows your tailor to perfectly take in or let out the waist up to 1.5". 

All measurements are shown in inches. Waist is measured with the waistband laid flat and doubled. Thigh is measured from the lowest point of the crotch (laid flat) straight across the thigh. Leg opening is the width of the bottom hem. Rise is measured from the lowest point of the crotch (laid flat) to the top of the waistband.


Size 30 Size 32 Size 33 Size 34 Size 36
WAIST     29" 31" 33" 34" 35" 37"
THIGH     11" 11.5" 12" 12.25" 12.5" 12.75"
LEG OPENING 6.75" 7" 7.25" 7.37" 7.5" 7.75"
RISE 10" 10" 10" 10" 10" 10"
INSEAM 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34"

Size 31 Size 32 Size 33 Size 34 Size 36
WAIST     31" 32" 33" 34" 35" 37"
THIGH     11.5" 11.75" 12" 12.25" 12.5" 12.75"
LEG OPENING 6.75" 6.75" 7" 7" 7.25" 7.5"
INSEAM 33" 33" 33" 33" 33" 33"



Size 30 Size 32 Size 33 Size 34 Size 36
WAIST     29" 31" 33" 34" 35" 37"
THIGH     12" 12.5" 13" 13.25" 13.5" 13.75"
LEG OPENING 7.75" 8" 8.25" 8.25" 8.5" 8.75"
RISE 10" 10" 10" 10" 10" 10"
INSEAM 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34"

Taylor/Gable Size 30

Size 31 Size 32 Size 33 Size 34 Size 35 Size 36
WAIST     30.5" 31.5" 32.5" 33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5"
HIPS     31" 32" 33" 34" 35" 36" 37"
THIGH     12" 12.25" 12.5" 12.75" 13" 13.25" 13.5"
LEG OPENING 7.5" 7.75" 7.75" 8" 8" 8.25" 8.25"
RISE 12.5" 12.5" 12.5" 12.5" 12.5" 12.5" 12.5"
INSEAM 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34" 34"