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Teba & Vittorio Suiting Dragoni Cotton Project



Item Sizing Teba Origin Deposit & Pre-order Terms

We're thrilled to present this exclusive opportunity! Working with three colors of gorgeous Italian four-season cotton twill, you can pre-order our Teba Hunting Jacket, Vittorio Sportcoat, Walt Porto Trouser and Taylor Pleated Trouser for timely delivery in May and June... just in time for the season! By running this as a special order, we can offer both reduced pricing AND a huge range of sizes.

Founded in 1929 in Gallarate, Italy; Dragoni S.p.a. is famous for its luxurious pure cotton fabrics. This 9oz cotton twill has a beautiful hand and a versatile 4-season weight. Three colors (Blue Danube, Olive, Walnut are available.

The Teba Jacket is our take on the traditional Spanish hunting coat. Made with a soft and wholly unconstructed body, it keeps true to the original with an angled lapel, four-button-front, and shirt sleeve cuffs. This relaxed piece is perfect for business causal to very casual settings, and we slimmed down its typical fit to run consistent with our in-house designs. The preorder deposit is $200, with a $200 balance payment upon delivery (total retail $400).

The Vittorio is a formal coat that doesn't feel like one. It sits softly on your shoulders and flows with your body. It's comfortable enough to wear casually but polished enough to be worn into the boardroom. The Vittorio wears as lightly as a shirt without sacrificing the polish of fine tailoring.

The preorder deposit is $200, with a $250 balance payment upon delivery (total retail $450).

The Walt Porto is our signature tapered slim-fit and medium rise trouser. The preorder deposit is $75, with a $75 balance payment upon delivery (total retail $150).

The Taylor is our comfortable and rakish high-waisted single pleat trouser. It's an exceedingly comfortable shape that will allow for more room in the thighs if you need it. The preorder deposit is $75, with a $75 balance payment upon delivery (total retail $150).

All four shapes can be ordered in any of the three available colors. As such, it's easy to create your own suiting combinations! For example, why not get both jackets and one trouser in the same color, allowing you to wear either the Teba or the Vittorio as a complete two piece. Each of the colors compliment each other nicely, and everything is perfectly wearable as separates. With a price of either $550 or $600 for a two-piece, this is an absolutely unbeatable deal for garments of this quality, in these fabrics. 

Orders close on Thursday February 22nd. This is one of our most exciting projects yet!


Click here to view and download a chart with full measurements for the Teba Jacket, Vittorio Sportcoat, Walt Porto Trouser, and Taylor Trouser. 

The Vittorio Sportcoat is true to size and generally consistent with our in-house Epaulet shirts. Generally, most customers who wear an Epaulet medium will get a solid fit in a 38 jacket. The Vittorio has genuine horsehair canvassing in the upper chest and shoulder. It works on slender, athletic, and muscular builds - and either normal or sloped shoulders - as the soft lines are able to flow over the contours of your body without creasing. The sleeves can be let out approximately 0.5". They can also be brought up at the shoulder by nearly 1.5" if needed.

The Teba Jacket is slightly larger than the Vittorio.. measuring an additional 0.5" at the shoulder and 1" at the chest (all around) when compared to the Vittorio. This is intentional, as the Teba looks best when it's slightly more relaxed than a fitted sportcoat. We do not recommend that you size down. The Teba is wholly unconstructed and only has a light interlining in the chest, lapel, and shoulders. The sleeves cannot be made longer, but they can be easily shortened by removing and re-attaching the cuff.

The Walt Porto Trouser is one of our best-selling and most universal shapes. It works wonderfully for slim to moderately athletic builds. It will be made with a 37" unfinished inseam.

The Taylor Trouser fits higher and offers significantly more leg room with its single-pleat construction. Although it's very flattering for slim guys, customers with larger thighs also find it very comfortable to wear. Like the Walt Porto, it will be made with a 37" unfinished inseam. Nearly every Epaulet customer will find a successful fit with one of these two trousers. If you are in doubt, then size up one, as cotton trousers are quite easy to take in.

Born in Spain, the Teba is a traditional hunting jacket that dates back to the turn of the 20th century. This classic style was designed for full days of galavanting through the Iberian countryside. Its distinguishing marks are its signature angular collar, unvented back, functional shirt cuffs, and soft construction.

We've seen this style around for the past few years, and it's captured our hearts. As menswear has moved into a more causal direction, we feel that this is the perfect way to keep stylish and comfortable. It offers the soul and the "frame" of a sportcoat, but in a relaxed and uncommon shape that stands out and cuts its own profile. It's supremely versatile, and works just as well with trousers and a necktie as it does with jeans, chinos, or shorts.

Most Teba jackets are quite large and slouchy by design. For our in-house shape, we slimmed up the pattern considerably in the chest, shoulders, and sleeves. Our Epaulet Teba is designed to work with the overall shape and profile of our shirts, trousers and suits. It's slightly more relaxed than our vittorio sportcoat, but significantly more fitted than Teba's from traditional makers. We feel that it is the best fitting and most flattering version of this garment on the market.

1) Your preorder is held with a non-refundable deposit.
2) Preorders will be accepted until midnight EST Thursday 2/22. Size and style changes can be made before Thursday 2/22, but not afterwards. 
3) Delivery is scheduled to Epaulet within 16 to 20 weeks of the order closing date (approx May-June 2017).
4) Once the shoes are received, you will be notified via email and the balance may be paid online. Final payment must be received within 14 days of notification, or your deposit will be forfeit and the sweaters will be put up for general sale.
5) Shipping to US addresses is included in the price. International customers, we request you choose "Store Pickup" for this deposit item. You can pay for shipping on the balance payment once your item(s) arrive. 
6) We reserve the right to limit or refuse any order.
7) All preorder sales are final. When the item arrives, we regretfully cannot accept any returns or exchanges on these purchases.
8) Our factory is small and can be subject to unforeseen delays. Although we will do everything possible to receive this product within the stated window, delays can happen outside of our control.